Parent Support Groups

 Parent Debbie pictured with Oliver, Michael and Isaak tells of the benefit to her family of parent support. ‘It’s nice to have an understanding of why things are happening and to be able to talk to people with the same issues’
The Strengthening Parent Support Program offers support, information and assistance to parents and carers of infants, children and young people 0-18 years old through: 

- Parent Support Groups and Activities
- Workshops and information forums
- Individual parent support 

Parent Support Groups offer parents social and emotional support, an opportunity to share information and ideas and time out.

If you are a parent of child or younger person who has a disability (0-18 years) you may like to join a support group. Parent Support Groups are held in Warrnambool, Portland and Hamilton.

Betty - organiser of Warrnambool and District Down Syndrome Support Group says...
Twenty two years ago we attended our first Down syndrome support group meeting when Justin was just one week old. Another parent visited us in hospital and told us about the group so it was straight out of hospital and the next day to our first meeting. "We have benefited from many services throughout the years from early intervention with South West Access Network to respite care at Mpower and he still goes to the gym and swim with a carer every Friday night. I get a lot of information from many people who go to the gym and they say how Justin has a fantastic time, which is really great to hear. I now co-ordinate the Warrnambool and District Down Syndrome Support Group.

We have 44 families in the group and we meet often for family outings, Carer’s Week parent nights and other activities. All this is serviced by Mpower. My role has changed over the years: once we looked for advice; now parents are looking to us for advice."


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