Support for Carers

Do you care for someone?    Do you need some help?

A carer is someone who provides unpaid care for another person who is aged or has dementia, a disability, a mental illness or an ongoing medical condition.

You may be a spouse or partner, relative, friend or neighbour. You may be older or younger than the person you care for. You may live with that person or live separately. You may become a carer by choice or by necessity.

Caring can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be demanding, challenging and sometimes overwhelming.

The Mpower Supporting Carers program is funded by the Victorian Government to provide a range of one off or short term supports to supplement other services or fill service gaps.

The Mpower Supporting Carers Program can assist you in your caring role by providing:
  • Funding short term flexible respite
  • Providing additional one-off or short-term supports including goods and equipment to supplement other services or fill service gaps
  • Providing opportunities and activities to connect with other carers, share knowledge support and experiences and to have some time out from your caring role.
We recognise that all carers are different and that each care relationship is unique so we aim to provide flexible support that works for you and the person you care for. All funding requests are assessed individually and funding is allocated on an as needs basis.

To register with the Mpower Supporting Carers Program or for more information about the types of assistance we can offer call:

Judi Mutsaers, Senior Carer Services Coordinator
Robyn Carroll, Carer Respite Coordinator


For more information contact us.
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