Community Transport

Community Transport aims to assist those who are in need of accessing transport. Volunteer drivers provide a door to door transport service. This program relies on the invaluable contributions of volunteers who provide this service to the community.


Avis Patten - Volunteer driver
“I get a lot of pleasure from meeting new people. They are all very interesting people with stories to tell and they are very appreciative of the service. They appreciate being taken to their appointments but they also just like to have a chat and if we get time to go out for a coffee. We form nice friendships. I find my role very rewarding and always try to help out when I can. They often say the worst thing was having to give up their licence, so it’s nice to be able to help them to get around.”

Avis joined the Mpower volunteer team about 15 years ago.



Looking for Community Transport Volunteers
Community Transport services are provided principally by volunteers. These volunteers give freely of their time to benefit the community. The scheme acknowledges the invaluable contribution of its volunteers and undertakes to train and support them in their role.
Without the assistance of our Volunteer drivers, the Community Transport program would not be able to provide this invaluable service to the community.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact us.

Thank you

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