Transition to School Programs

Getting transition to school right can make the difference for future success.

By providing information, practical and emotional support and training to families, Mpower’s Transition to School supports aim to make the transition to mainstream school as smooth as possible for children with additional needs.

An experienced team of allied health professionals, early childhood teachers and assistants support children’s Transition to School. This support can take the form of accompanying the child to school for transition visits, advocating for more frequent visits to school and providing information on strategies for success for the individual child.

Families are able to learn about the Department of Education’s “Program for Students with Disabilities and Impairments” at our annual Information Session, usually held in May. Finding the right school is important and we can help families with all the information and documentation they need and, support them in identifying which schools they would like to visit.

If families require extra support we can accompany them on school visits and other meetings as required. We can also assist families to develop an individualised transition plan so everyone involved with your child can support them to transition in the best way possible.

Mpower can also provide transition consultancy during the first term of a child’s school enrolment if requested.

Levi’s mum Felicity wrote in the Mpower newsletter.
"that for school, extra transition visits over the two terms leading up to school were the key to minimising anxiety and helping Levi feel comfortable about starting in a new place. In third term Felicity accompanied Levi but in Term 4 he went on weekly visits to the school with Mpower ECIS Assistant Jenny."


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