High Flyers

Ages 6-12 years and 13-17 years

High Flyers is a social group for teenagers with high functioning autism.  The group provides the opportunity to build social skills, recreation with peers, learning to be away from familiar people, meal preparation and clean-up, winning and losing at games, building confidence and support for independence.  Our fun groups give children with disabilities the opportunities to make new friends, to be and feel included, try new things and see new places.  Groups are matched for age and skills, staffed at one to one for children with complex needs, one to two or one to three depending on the needs of the children in the group.  The groups meet at least once per fortnight and the children who currently attend tell their families it is the highlight of their week. 

Oceania wrote
"I have been a part of High Flyers with Mpower since August, 2014. Initially, I was riddled with nerves about going and found the thought of the program very overwhelming. My diagnosis was only very new to me so I didn’t know anyone else with it or what to expect, however the program soon became the thing that I looked forward to each fortnight. Both the workers and other teenagers were very welcoming in my first few weeks, and made me feel like a part of the group very quickly.

As everybody is in the same boat with their Asperger/Autism-ness, I was never made to feel like the odd one out, like what can happen at school. High Flyers has been a great social outlet from school, as year 12 can be very stressful, and I didn’t have any respite. As I have a very small network of friends, having a place to go every two weeks to do fun activities with has been amazing-I felt like a normal person with no limitations! Each fortnight, we either go out for dinner, get take away or cook, as well as doing a fun activity such as bowling, go karting, going to the park/playground, going to the movies and gaming.

I love board games, so I very much enjoy having someone to play them with…even Monopoly!! Even though the group is small, a lot of us have similar interests, so there is always something to talk about. I have especially loved the many conversations about Harry Potter! I am very appreciative of High Flyers, as it’s given me a place where I can just be me and enjoy myself."

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