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Mpower has a team of qualified and caring personal support workers that can provide support to individuals in their home or in the community. All services can be tailored to participant needs.

Mpower offers individual support designed and delivered to meet needs and goals / aspirations of the person. Support may include Personal Care, Community Access eg: horseriding, gym, swimming, caring for pets. Support is not limited to these examples.  Our support is flexible and adaptable and aims to think outside the square when providing support to individuals.
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Reflections of an Mpower Disability Support Worker 

When Mpower staff came together to hear and learn more about the various roles and programs within Mpower, t his is how one  Disability Support Worker at Mpower explained her role. Her words were powerful and captured the values she brings to her role every day.

“I am a disability support worker here at Mpower. I am going to take this opportunity to share a brief picture of what disability support workers do within Mpower.

I work alongside adults and children who have a range of disabilities. All of our clients have their own unique histories, their own personalities and their own individual goals.

As support workers we have the opportunity each and every day to empower our clients and help develop and maintain personal independence in the community and homes. We do this by providing in home personal care, respite options and also with providing recreational activities, such as Active Oceans, Youth Group and the School Holiday program.

Whilst working closely with individuals we have the opportunity to build a strong rapport with them and also their caregivers.

There are opportunities to share in remarkable changes to one’s life; to witness the progression that one has made, with the assistance of you and other supports in their lives. To see that with a little bit of assistance every person can meet his or her goals. An example of this could be having a client who at the beginning of their respite were not able to go to the shops without a meltdown or trying to collect everything on the shelves, to then developing many different strategies until we found the right one, now they are able to go to the shops and collect what is needed with only the occasional sneaky basket slip.

Another example that I would like to share from Active Oceans, seeing a client attend for the first time too scared to go in the water. Being able to cheer them on and encourage them to enter and then seeing week by week the improvement. When they can stand up, you can see the pride in their face- they look at everyone else that is there including people that they have created friendships with, seeing them share in the joy of what they have accomplished.

Due to the nature of our job, our hours vary from early mornings to late nights, even sleepovers and anything else in between. We may have one individual client on a daily or weekly basis, others we may see only on School Holidays, Active Oceans or when respite is needed. In reality this means that we may have back to back days where we are extremely busy, where other times we have no shifts for a couple of days. Although we do this job because we have a passion, a passion to participate alongside others, to see how much happiness we can bring to another person. We are helping people that without us may not have the opportunity to live a quality life that they deserve.

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