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Meet The Team

Our vision is 'a community inspired and empowered by people of all ages and abilities'.  All the services we provide and the work we do is aimed at achieving this vision.

Board Members


Rhys Boyle

I am particularly proud to be associated with an organisation whose focus is squarely on meeting the needs of our community in such innovative and progressive ways.

Through being a Board member of Mpower, I have the opportunity to contribute relevant knowledge and governance skills developed over a 30-year career in business, finance and the aged care sector.

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Kerrie Hughson

I am proud to be part of a knowledgeable Board who genuinely care about the unique services that Mpower provide to the community.

I have personally learnt a lot from my time on the Board and am proud to play a part in providing these important services to the community. I decided to become a Board member because of how Mpower’s Carer Support Program helped my Nana. Even though she is no longer involved due to my Pop passing away some time ago, she still regularly catches up with friends she made during her time at Mpower and has fond memories of the program. Professionally I am a Chartered Accountant / Partner at Sinclair Wilson and bring strong financial knowledge to the Board.

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Michael Crothers

I am pleased to be a Board member of an organisation that has such a profound and positive impact on participants and their families.

As a parent of a child navigating the NDIS system, I understand the participant’s journey through the system and the link between participant-centred practice and positive participant outcomes. I admire the professionalism of Mpower staff and have a strong appreciation of the important role Mpower plays in the community. Employed as Manager of Data and Business Performance with SED Advisory, I recognise the importance of governance in developing a strong organisation culture and strategic direction.

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Board Member

Neil Ballard

I have had links with Mpower since the late 1980s and have watched the organisation grow and develop over time.

It is satisfying being part of an organisation that makes a difference and remains true to its mission as a community-based organisation, building the capacity of people to reach their potential and have meaningful connections to their communities. My extensive experience working in community services, particularly in the disability sector, and thorough knowledge of the service system in the South West Victoria led me to being invited to join the Board in 2011.

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Michele Downs

As a practicing Solicitor, I am passionate about guardianship, protecting the rights of people with a disability to determine their lives, and ensuring that vulnerable adult children remain protected and free from exploitation.

I believe Mpower plays a pivotal role by making resources available to families to divert young people from the court system and lessening the risk to both the individual and the community. My strong interest in disability and family law grew from lived experience in my family, which also led me to join the Board in 2017.

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Board Member

Delna Plathottam

Both my genuine interest in empowering clients and passion for the vision of Mpower led me to join the Board in 2020.

My role contributes in a small way to what Mpower does so splendidly. Mpower’s professional and committed staff support clients and families through high quality service delivery and innovative practices to maintain Mpower’s focus on community, inclusivity and empowering individuals. Professionally, my experience in health, quality and risk management and volunteering assists me to ensure the Mpower Board remains true to its mission. I am proud to articulate Mpower’s accomplishments to the wider community and garner support from the community through advocacy.

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Board Member

Janet Collins

As a board member, this is my opportunity to contribute to an organisation that has a strong history of providing high quality, wraparound services to families across south west Victoria.

I have lived experience as a service user in my role as fulltime carer of my son with an intellectual disability, who accessed Mpower’s programs for 18 years. Professionally, I have skills in strategic planning, community consultation and program evaluation. I am a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers, the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and Principal Consultant at PA Strategy Consultants.

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Board Member

Kath Tanner

As an educator with 30 years of experience, I appreciate and enjoy the positive impact that our profession has on young people, imparting the skills and knowledge so that they can meaningfully contribute to society as adults.

Each child is incredibly unique and brings their personality into a school, creating the fabric of the school community. For me, a passion for equity inspires me every day. I believe I have a responsibility to ensure every child is given access to the tools needed to thrive in an educational setting. It is this passion that led me to join the Mpower board. I hope to make a meaningful contribution to an organisation that strives to deliver the programs and initiatives that will make a difference for so many children and families who need it most.

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Miryam Franjic

My personal and professional experience is what led me to join the MPower Board in 2023. I have over 20 years’ experience in early childhood education and care, which is complemented by a decade of working across community and corporate services in local government.

Living and working in the South West, I am passionate about supporting regional communities to reach their full potential. Personally, I have lived experience through family members who rely on support services, and I understand the positive impact that inclusive, family-centered practices can make. I feel privileged to have this opportunity to play a part in supporting the great work of the dedicated MPower team.

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Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Mills

I am all about making an impact on people’s lives. After growing up on a cropping farm near Horsham, I became a certified practising accountant (CPA) and built-up corporate experience focused on management accounting, leadership and strategy.

I have held roles as Chief Financial Officer and CEO at community and health services in the Wimmera before joining Mpower. I am drawn to Mpower simply by what we do. Our Mission “Take the lead in providing quality services that build the capacity of people to reach their potential and empower people to have meaningful connections to their communities” really hits home to me. This starts with clarity of purpose and sense of mission that will lead us to imagine the impossible and deliver it. I want to prioritize innovation and advocacy that is centered on our core values of Respect, Empowerment, Quality and New Learning. I truly believe that each of us must find meaning in our work. The best work happens when you know that it’s not just work, but something that will improve other people’s lives. Mpower is already delivering excellent outcomes for our client base and is strong financially which gives us the resources to add to that. It’s a privilege to join such an extraordinary agency, with such a dedicated team that cares so deeply about our mission.

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Chief Operating Officer

Trudy Marr

As Chief Operating Officer, I am responsible for the Operations teams at Mpower including People and Culture, Finance, Plan Management, IT, Quality and Risk and Business Support.

My teams work closely with the service delivery teams to ensure we have the best supports in place from recruitment and retention, quality frameworks and fit for purpose infrastructure, resources and IT equipment. I began my career in the Community Services sector following completion of a BA Community Education and Development in Scotland. In 2015 I moved into a career in People and Culture where I developed a passion for organisational cultures, increasing organisational capacity and working to ensure resources can be utilised effectively to reach outcomes for service users. I have recently embarked on a Bachelor of Laws to further develop my knowledge of business. I love working at Mpower, with a group of highly skilled and dedicated people who work each day to ensure the highest level of service is provided to our community members. It also provides me with an opportunity to utilise my skills in the sector I began my working life in and which allows me to make a difference in the lives of others.

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Executive Manager Disability Services (EMDS)

Janette Lowe

I have the privilege of working with NDIS participants and families to ensure that our NDIS team at Mpower is providing the services and support they need to reach their full potential, and that those services and supports are adapted as participants and their families’ needs evolve.

The introduction of the NDIS has been wonderful in enabling participants to have the power to choose and control the supports they need to meet their own personal goals and I am always amazed by our wonderful caring team, who give their all to support and care for participants and their families. I am passionate about the rights of people with a disability and how as a community and society we can all work together to be more inclusive of all people in all aspects of life. I am excited that in my role I can use my experience and skills in nurturing partnerships and solving complex issues, and satisfy my hunger for adapting our community systems and societal norms, to contribute to better lives for people with disabilities. I have spent nearly all of my life and career in south-west Victoria and I am dedicated to ensuring that all participants and families have equal access to our services and support regardless of where they live in this beautiful corner of Australia. My career has been founded on a Bachelor of Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration and I have worked in local government, the natural resource sector, and the health sector, before making the move to the community sector and joining Mpower in mid-2022.

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